Coaching Programs & Packages range from $480 to $3,600. A One Month Trial, Three Month Individual Coaching, Six Month Individual Coaching, and Group Experiences are available. Please See Featured Programs & Packages for more information. You'll also find resources here for purchase to support your journey to your ideal self. Enjoy!


  • Confidence with Consent


    In the era of #MeToo, a lot of heterosexual men are questioning their approach to women. There is new awareness, but a lot of doubt and uncertainty. This program helps men regain their confidence.

    RRP $1075.00 USD
    Save 12%
    $950.00 USD
    Not rated yet
  • Her Guide, Your Success


    A Private Coaching Program for Parents & Caregivers of Girls (self-identified included) going through puberty/sexual maturity. A combination of Consulting & Professional Coaching, held over three (3) months.

    RRP $1500.00 USD
    Save 5%
    $1426.00 USD
    Not rated yet
  • One Season of Positive Change


    A basic-level coaching package for individuals seeking a positive transformation, to enhance the quality of their lives, and their relationships, whether single or in romantic partnership.

    RRP $1650.00 USD
    Save 27%
    $1200.00 USD
    Not rated yet
  • Truth to Empowerment


    A focused commitment to help you discover your truth and bring it forth. Applicable to people in all walks of life, who are seeking the liberation of moving with integrity and bravely owning their whole selves.

    RRP $2200.00 USD
    Save 16%
    $1850.00 USD
    Not rated yet


  • Raising Sexually Healthy Kids ~ Group Coaching 2019


    A 3-Month Group Coaching Experience to support parents & caregivers, of all genders & orientations, in raising Sexually Healthy Kids. Led by an trained Sexuality Educator and Certified Professional Coach.

    RRP $1325.00 USD
    Save 26%
    $985.00 USD
    Not rated yet

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